Blues Pills – Lady in Gold

blues-pills-lady-in-goldBlues Pills return with the long-awaited follow-up to their excellent debut album. But does Lady in Gold live up to the hype? Continue reading


Rhapsody of Fire – Into the Legend

Rhapsody of Fire - Into the LegendSince Italian cheese metal mongers Rhapsody (with or without Fire) split up into two Rhapsody’s (one with, one without Fire), we’re getting a whole lotta Rhapsody on our plates. After Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody (sans Fire) last year, now it’s the semi-original Rhapsody of Fire’s turn with Into the Legend. Continue reading

Kamasi Washington – The Epic

kamasi_FRONTThe tree of life of jazz grew strong from blues, swing, bebop to cool and branched out into various directions like funk, fusion and free jazz. Today it still stands tall. Adding something fresh to this one-hundred-year-plus history isn’t quite an easy task. However what is fresh? Something truly new and innovating or finding your place within this history by means of your own creative terms? Kamasi Washington chose the latter path and released a three-hour sprawl called The Epic which takes you deep into the heart of jazz.
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Blind Guardian – Beyond the Red Mirror

Blind Guardian - Beyond the Red MirrorPower metal fans the world over, gather round. Come in, sit a spell. Because we need to talk about Blind Guardian for a bit. About why Beyond the Red Mirror is possibly the greatest album these Krefelder Bards have released. Ready? Let’s go.

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Katzenjammer – Rockland

Katzenjammer - RocklandAn all-female folk band from Norway, comprised of four sexy ladies playing no less than twenty-odd different instruments between them, swapping between those and musical styles every night on stage. Logic dictates that Katzenjammer’s novelty should have worn off by now. Rockland, however, will make you guess again.

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