Cellar Darling – The Spell

Cellar Darling - The SpellCellar Darling is back to weave a second spell, but is it strong enough? Continue reading


Beast in Black – Berserker

Beast In Black - Berserker_4000pxBattle Beast‘s AntonĀ KabanenĀ is back with vengeance, and a new-ish kind of beast. We take a look at its debut albumĀ Berserker.

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Avantasia ā€“ Ghostlights

Ghostlights_by_AvantasiaSometimes I get the feeling that Tobias Sammet just doesnā€™t care much for Edguy anymore. Whilst the last few albums were okay at best, he seems to save his best material for Avantasia these days. And again, Edguyā€™s last album pales to 2016ā€™s Ghostlights. Continue reading