Album Year List (2016)

the_dark_side_of_the_moon toplist 2014

Although it’s hard not to jump on the bandwagon when talking about 2016 we still wish you a pleasant year’s end and a cheer for the new year. However, before we start the days that lay ahead with champagne and fireworks we counted our blessings which of course, also resulted in these two illustrious album year lists.

Stuff Wot Ralph Liked This Year:

It hasn’t been a very metal year for this scribe, has it? Of course, plenty has come out in 2016, but the albums which defiantly grabbed my attention and refused to let go of it are all from different genres. It could be an age thing, and maybe I’m losing my mind, but the important thing is that there was more than enough music to enjoy. Let’s get to it.

10. Devilment – Devilment II: The Mephisto Waltzes
9. Rotting Christ – Rituals (SFtDS Review)
8. Ihsahn – Arktis
7. Sonata Arctica – The Ninth Hour
6. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Skeleton Tree
5. Wardruna – Runaljod – Ragnarok
4. Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker


3. The Joy Formidable – Hitch (SFtDS Review)

The Welsh trio brings everything to the table on Hitch, and deliver an album full of spunk, power and excellent songs. One of the better albums of the year.




2. The Lennon/Claypool Delirium – Monolith of Phobos (SFtDS Review)

A surprise out of left field, The Lennon/Claypool Delirium‘s Monolith of Phobos is a very pleasant surprise if you’re into quirky, bass-driven psychedelic rock with a twist. A very clever and engrossing record.


David Bowie - Blackstar1. David Bowie – Blackstar (SFtDS Review)

As if there was any doubt. I had made up my mind about the top spot from the day Blackstar came out. The fact that it proved to be an ingeniusly orchestrated swan song only cemented that fact. Almost a year after Bowie’s death, Blackstar still hasn’t lost any of its impact, and deserves to head this list.

Concerts of 2016:

  • Bruce Springsteen – Malieveld, The Hague, 14-6-2016 (SftDS review)
  • Jeff Lynne’s Electric Light Orchestra – Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, 1-5-2016 (SftDS review)
  • Iron Maiden – Gelredome Arnhem, 8-6-2016 (SftDS review)

Anticipated for 2017:

  • Grave Digger – Healed By Metal (Expected 13-1-2017)
  • Battle Beast – Bringer of Pain (Expected 17-2-2017)
  • Ex Deo – The Immortal Wars (Expected 24-2-2017)


Wander’s Post-Truth Music List of 2016:

As it turns out, 2016 was a good year for lesser-known treasures to be discovered. The core of my list therefore consists of artists who are not afraid to push a few boundaries. Some of them stayed on the conceptual side (e.g. Georgia and Jameszoo), while others brought out work that had a more casual ring to it (e.g. Hinds and The Echocentrics). I’m fairly sure a substantial portion of music slipped through the cracks but I’m happy to take my leave with jazz funk meeting contemporary electronic avant-garde and world dance music meeting indie rock. It’s all here.

10. David Bowie – Blackstar (SftDS review)
9. Hinds – Leave Me Alone (SftDS review)
8. Anna Meredith – Varmints (SftDS review)
7. Horse Lords – Interventions
6. Georgia – All Kind Music
5. Heron Oblivion – Heron Oblivion (SftDS review)
4. The Heliocentrics – From The Deep (SftDS review)

31e5mxwnfal-_sy300_ql70_3. Ensemble Dal Niente / Deerhoof – Balter / Saunier
(SftDS review)

Deerhoof melted together with the classical outfit of Ensemble Dal Niente to build a bridge between classic abstractionism and light-hearted indie pop. It’s stunning achievement of adventures within adventures. Free flowing strings, piano and dreamy vocals FTW.

Jameszoo - Fool_FRONT2. Jameszoo – Fool (SftDS review)

I still pity you if you diden’t hear Mitchel van Dinther’s collection of “naive, computer jazz”. Yes, don’t pretend your not reading this… I’m talking to you. Go on now, open a Spotify search or just run to your local record store for a whacking melange of hip hop, IDM, jazz, dubstep and R&B.


theechocentrics_front1. The Echocentrics – Echo Hotel (SftDS review)

Echo Hotel is full of cleverly designed minuscule-soundtracks. Mixing psychedelics with twang is just what you need to roll your eyes back by and nod off to romantics of the wastelands. Exquisite!


Concerts of 2016:

  • Avishai Cohen Trio – TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht, 26-3-2016
  • Bruce Springsteen  – Malieveld, The Hague, 14-6-2016 (SftDS review)
  • Meridian Brothers – RASA, Utrecht, 27-10-2016

Anticipated for 2017:

  • The Flaming Lips – Oczy Mlody (Expected: 13-1-2017)
  • Sun Kil Moon – Common As Light And Love Are Red Valleys Of Blood (Expected: 28-2-2017)
  • Phife Dawg (TBA Q2 2017)


And with that done and dusted, it’s time to sit back, uncork the bottle and look forward to a fresh and hopefully music-filled 2017. We’ll try to keep you posted on what to listen to and what to steer clear of wherever we can. Have a good one, everybody!

Wander Meulemans & Ralph Plug – 311216

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