Album Year List (2014)

the_dark_side_of_the_moon toplist 2014

Although it’s always difficult to pin down a musical year in a few words a lot of critics do it anyway. Thus, we can’t stay behind on that, can we? However, before we end 2014 in style, let us loosely say we enjoyed working in the dark to serve you the reviews of the music we like and that nothing is true and yes, … everything is permitted. 

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Primordial – Where Greater Men Have Fallen

Primordial - Where Greater Men Have FallenSome bands have a hard time doing things wrong. While most artists will alternate great albums with mediocre to dire ones on occasion, there are a few bands who manage to keep a certain momentum. Ireland’s Primordial is such a band, and Where Greater Man Have Fallen is another great album in a truly impressive and ever-expanding catalogue.

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Twilight of the Gods – Fire on the Mountain (2013)

Twilight of the Gods - Fire on the MountainThere is a glorious moment halfway through Sword of Damocles, where a lone guitar starts playing a solo and you find yourself saying, “this is a twin-solo if I ever heard one,” just before that second guitar joins the fray. It’s just before the song trots off in one of those Iron Maiden type gallops. Twilight of the Gods’ debut album Fire on the Mountain is full of moments like that. It’s Manowar versus viking style Bathory with a dash of Primordial here, and it’s brilliant. But let’s dive into the facts, before we start sprinkling superlatives. Continue reading