Brothers of Metal – Emblas Saga

Brothers of Metal - Emblas SagaGrab your mead-filled horns, Brothers of Metal are back for round two! Continue reading

Oliva ‚Äď Raise the Curtain (2013)

Oliva - Raise the CurtainSavatage is dead, long live Savatage! That¬īs about the gist of how I have been feeling on the subject for the past twelve years. After the quite passable (but not brilliant) Poets and Madmen, the curtain fell for the American band, which all but continued as the travelling Christmas troupe Trans-Siberian Orchestra, of which there are now two versions touring the United States in December, raking in the dough for messrs O‚ÄôNeill (for many still the reason behind Savatage‚Äôs demise and Oliva. Continue reading