William Shatner – Shatner Claus

Shatner ClausChristmas music on Sounds from the Dark Side? You better believe it, courtesy of Starfleet captain James T. Kirk. Continue reading


William Shatner – Ponder the Mystery

William Shatner – Ponder the MysteryOn William Shatner’s fourth album, he takes a deep dive into the realm of progressive rock. I believe the correct response to that would be, “what the hell?” Then again, Shatner’s musical career through the years has already been a steady flow of what-the-hell, hasn’t it? From the ludicrous The Transformed Man, where the actor dramatically read Shakespeare over pop music, to 2011’s hard rocking collection of science fiction-y cover songs on Seeking Major Tom. Both albums are both as enjoyable as they are ridiculous, whereas 2004’s Has Been was actually a pretty good album with mostly original material, where that perfect symbiosis between Shatner’s spoken word style and pop/rock music was finally met. Ponder the Mystery is more of that, but with a large dose of prog rock injected into it. Continue reading