Tobias Jesso Jr. – Goon

Tobias Jesso Jr._coverBasically, I believe the singer-songwriter scene is overcrowded at the moment. Arguably, the ā€˜genreā€™ has always been pretty full because of its vague definition. However today itā€™s almost like anyone whoā€™s has the hipster look and possesses a guitar is eager to make this stereotype their own. Thatā€™s reason enough to not take the scene too seriously, yet every so often the mediocrity is broken by someone new who appeals to my need of just listening to simple and small songs. Continue reading


Mac DeMarco – Salad Days

Mac DeMarco - Salad Days_Front24-year-old Canadian,Ā Mac DeMarcoĀ doesn’t mind to stir things up a bit. His onstage behavior is memorable to many. Heavy drinking, smoking, nudity, obscenity and indecent jokes are a regular part of his sloppy looking performances. At home things are not very tidy as well.Ā The GuardianĀ describes his house to be a dump and quotes him saying ā€œI live like a scumbag, but itā€™s cheapā€. Ok,Ā DeMarcoĀ likes to keep things loose and is obviously very happy with that. Looming stardom is however threatening his nonchalant way of life.Ā 2Ā (2012),Ā DeMarcoā€™sĀ first full album was a success among brohemians and raised the peer pressure for an even better sophomore significantly. And as you might have guessed, pressure andĀ DeMarcoā€™sĀ lifestyle aren’t exactly a great combination. Continue reading

Timber Timbre – Hot Dreams

Timber-Timbre-Hot-DreamsI don’t know if this is a confession or not, but iā€™ve been dreaming about this release for several months now. Usually longings like this are very non-descriptive, howeverĀ after being teased by a glimpse of the video that comes with the first single, I believe all dreams I had about Timber Timbre since became pretty hot. Continue reading