Sounds from the Dark Side top albums of 2021 (until now)


Let’s wrap up the first six months of 2021 in a list shall we.


Blaze Bayley War Within Me
Blaze returns with a no-nonsense heavy metal album on which he continues to impress and delight (RP – SftDS review).
Jim Ghedi – In the Furrows Of Common Place
In the Furrows is a musical manifest that arises from a blend of Old English, Norse and even Pictish vocals. Everything you’ll hear on this stunning folk work is as honest as the day is long (WRM – SftDS review).

Epica – Omega
Omega might very well be the best thing Dutch symphonic metal band Epica has released so far. It’s sprawling, over the top and incredibly indulgent, but somehow they are able to still make this work (RP – SftDS review).

USA/Mexico – Del Rio
It took us a few spins but eventually we surprisingly heard something in Del Rio that we can best describe as sluggishly easeful. All hail to maelstrom (WRM – SftDS review)!

Therion – Leviathan
On Leviathan, Therion returns to doing what it does best: writing metal songs with strong hooks, orchestration and choirs. This makes Leviathan the best album they’ve done in a long, long time (RP – SftDS review)

The Notwist – Vertigo Days
Vertigo Days is a great patchwork of ambient, indie, kraut and neo-psychedelia. The Notwist still are masters of organical musical evolution so be sure check it out (WRM – SftDS review).
Tribulation – Where the Gloom Becomes Sound
On Where the Gloom Becomes SoundTribulation once again succesfully marries psychedelica and raw, dark rock/metal with a gothic tinge, and delivers a truly enjoyable ride throughout (RP – SftDS review).

Hedvig Mollestad Trio – Ding Dong. You´re Dead.
Never heard of hard rock-jazz? Now is your chance to get into the scene. Ding Dong. You´re Dead. is one of the most vibrant releases of the first half of the year (WRM – SftDS review).

Helloween – Helloween 
With the return of Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske, Helloween managed to put out an incredibly spry and upbeat power metal album. It’s no Keeper, nor does it have to be, but it’s very, very close indeed (RP – SftDS review).
Kiri Ra! – Kiri Ra!
The Finland-based jazz collective Kiri Ra! approaches each recording session without speech. The musicians choose an instrument and from there a wonderful improvisational journey begins (WRM).


Now let’s move forward,
Wander (WRM) & Ralph (RP) – 300621

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