Ghost – Prequelle

Ghost - PrequelleItā€™s been out for over a month, but that doesnā€™t mean we canā€™t talk about Ghostā€™s new masterpiece. Continue reading


Ghost ā€“ Meliora

Ghost - MelioraMeliora is Latin for ā€˜the pursuit of something betterā€™, although Swedish occult rockers Ghost would be hard pressed to top 2013ā€™s Infestissumam. That album was a masterful blend of seventies rock, heavy metal and theatre, and sky-rocketed the band to international superstar status. Delivering a proper follow-up to that is a tall order for any new band, but GhostĀ manage to do so, and with relative ease to boot. But is Meliora actually something better? Letā€™s find out.

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[Live Review] Ghost, Melkweg Amsterdam

12867The last time I saw ghoul rockersĀ Ghost live was in 2011, when they supportedĀ Paradise Lost on theirĀ Draconian Times anniversary tour. Opus EponymousĀ had just been released and the band were already creating a buzz in the metal scene. At the time,Ā Ghost was seen as not much more than a joke band that would last one, maybe two albums before the curtain would fall. A lot has happened since then. Continue reading