Mary Lattimore – Collected Pieces: 2015-2020

Marry Lattimore_CP20152020_frontThere’s nothing better than a good compilation of a great artist right? Allright, that’s a debatable question but fact is that at least one of us here has a thing for b-sides compilations.  Continue reading


Meridian Brothers – Devoción (Works 2005 – 2011) (2013)

meridian-brothers-devocion-works-2005-2011At the very end of each December it is of good custom to talk about what the year has musically brought us. Before I lose myself into listmania I think it’s fair to point out a great ensemble of musicians  I discovered  in the latter part of 2013. So if you’re interested in Mestizo with a South-American edge, dropping acid, UFO’s and… well, let’s say an overall craziness, please read on. Continue reading