Blues Pills – Live at Rockpalast

Blues Pills - Live at RockpalastIf there’s one thing the American-Swedish-French youngsters of Blues Pills should do, is finally release a full length debut album. And I mean a.s.a.p. The wait between the most excellent Devil Man four-track EP and the next piece of work was already tantalizing, but to be treated to another EP – although just as excellent – makes the wait for a full-blown album even more so. Then again, it’s better than nothing.

Blues Pills, largely consisting of ex-Radio Moscow musicians, has been making big ripples in the retro rock scene of late, with their visage straight out of late sixties’ San Fransisco, and the sound to accompany that. Moreover, Blues Pills is a tremendously talented band. And I really mean ridiculously talented when I say that. Considering the level of musicianship showcased on both Devil Man and this, brand new, Live at Rockpalast, it’s frightening to think about what these kids will be able to pull off in ten years time. This is some old-fashioned, top notch blues rock right here, with Dorian Sorriaux’s guitar work and Elin Larsson’s voice once again being the biggest draws on this EP.

It’s hard to properly review Live at Rockpalast without constantly resorting to superlatives. The four songs display a band that sounds mature and seasoned beyond its years, and at times it’s a little disconcerting to think that four teenagers/early-twenty-somethings (Sorriaux is only 19 years old) are capable to emulate that vintage blues rock sound of the sixties and seventies so pitch-perfectly. Just listen to Larsson’s blistering vocals and Sorriaux’s fiendishly brilliant guitar work on a song like Mind Exit and you’ll know what I mean. The band already has a fierce reputation as a live band, and Live at Rockpalast really cements that reputation.

Imageine Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Fleetwood Mac thrown into a blender with an added dash of Jefferson Airplane and you would arrive somewhere in the neighbourhood of what Blues Pills sounds like. You would do yourself a disservice not to check out this excellent band, and you would be crazy not to buy Live at Rockpalast. It’s that bafflingly good. Now, bring on that full length debut.

Label: Nuclear Blast
Release: out now

Track listing:

  1. In the Beginning (2:10)
  2. Black Smoke (4:52)
  3. Little Sun (4:19)
  4. Mind Exit (3:54)


  • Elin Larsson – vocals
  • Dorian Sorriaux – guitar
  • Zack Anderson – bass
  • Cory Berry – drums

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