Manowar – Kings of Metal MMXIV

Oh dear, that was rather unneccesary.Manowar - Kings of Metal XXMIV..

Way back in 1988, the American metal band Manowar finally enjoyed their big break-through with their sixth effort, Kings of Metal. Combining the epic sound of their earlier albums like Into Glory Ride and Hail to England with the more rock ‘n roll approach of Fighting the World, Kings of Metal was the culmination of years of hard work for the band, and the epitome of what the band was capable of at the time. Eschewing the darkness that still make the first few albums into such timeless epic metal classics, Kings of Metal offered a more accessible approach to Manowar metal, and heralded a long era of heavy metal anthems and, dare we say, over-the-top cheesiness. It was also the last truly great Manowar album. Continue reading