D-A-D – A Prayer for the Loud

D-A-D - A Prayer for the LoudDenmark’s D-A-D are back with a vengeance on A Prayer for the Loud. We investigate what the fuss is about.

Having been around since the early eighties, Danish rockers D-A-D somehow still feels like the country’s best kept musical secret. Originally named Disneyland After Dark, they quickly dropped the name in favour of an abbreviated version to avoid a possible lawsuit by the House of Mouse. Back in 1989 they released No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims and enjoyed a short bout of international success, not in the least due to the single Sleeping My Day Away. Then they faded back into relative obscurity and remained there ever since. Which is a shame, because these guys have a lot going for them, playing an infectiously upbeat type of hard rock infused with some alternative rock and metal sensibilities.

On A Prayer for the Loud, their twelfth album, nothing much has changed to that sound, although the long pause following 2011’s DIC·NII·LAN·DAFT·ERD·ARK seems to have recharged the band’s battery, enabling them to come up with a collection of songs on which they sound fresher and more inspired than they have in years. The first single Burning Star starts things off with a kick and a bang. It’s an uptempo, lively rocker the likes of which these guys can probably write in their sleep right now. It’s a good opener and it makes clear that D-A-D are back in fine form. Things get even better with the following title track, which is a rousing anthem that delivers in spades with a meaty main riff and a big fucking chorus you will have a hard time not shouting along to.

D-A-D 2019

It’s almost vintage D-A-D we’re treated to here, with almost every song being a direct hit. Nothing Ever Changes is another of those fun galloping songs they do so well, whilst The Sky is Made of Blues might very well be the best song on the album for me on a record full of highlights. There is a lot of variety throughout as well. For example, halfway through there is a great little ballad in the form of A Drug for the Heart, where Jesper Binzer gives a wonderfully understated performance, only to be followed by Musical Chairs, the fastest rocker on the album. The contrast couldn’t be bigger but it totally works for these guys. 

Clocking in at 45 minutes, A Prayer for the Loud is incredibly manageable in length, and it consists almost entirely of good stuff (No Doubt About It is not a bad song per se, but it’s definitely a cut below the rest). The album never reaches spectacular heights with one or two absolute break-out tracks, but the quality is consistently high throughout its entirety, making you grasp for the repeat button immediately after If the World Just comes to a close.

Soundwise, A Prayer for the Loud harkens back to the early days of No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims or D.A.D. Draws a Circle, with tight musicianship, memorable hooks and choruses, with songs that will lodge themselves in your brain after two spins. It’s also 45 minutes of pure, unadulterated fun, and very recommended for those who enjoy hard rock with a bite.

Label: AFM Records, 2019

Track listing:

  1. Burning Star 
  2. A Prayer For The Loud 
  3. Nothing Ever Changes 
  4. The Sky Is Made Of Blues 
  5. The Real Me 
  6. No Doubt About It 
  7. A Drug For The Heart 
  8. Musical Chairs 
  9. Time Is A Train 
  10. Happy Days In Hell 
  11. If The World Just


  • Jesper Binzer – vocals, guitar
  • Stig Pedersen – bass
  • Jacob Binzer – guitar
  • Laust Sonne – drums

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